Statewide and County Information on Juvenile Crime

The Michigan Committee on Juvenile Justice (MCJJ) Web site is compiling valuable data to help policymakers, researchers, and the general public have a better understanding of juvenile justice issues statewide as well as in each county in Michigan.  Check back periodically, as we will be adding new and updated data.

You can find:

  • Michigan's Juvenile Crime Analysis:  This report outlines the the status of juvenile crime and delinquency throughout the state. It identifies trends and  provides greater understanding of the metrics and complexities surrounding juvenile crime and delinquency. Here is the Juvenile Crime Analysis.
  • Interactive Tool: The MCJJ has created an interactive tool to provide a visual representation of the data about Michigan’s juvenile justice system.  It will help policymakers, researchers, and everyday citizens concerned about juvenile justice get a deeper understanding of the issues both statewide and in individual parts of the state.  Follow this link for the interactive tool.
  • Michigan Arrest Data: These data show the number of juvenile crimes reported in all 83 Michigan counties.  The data are broken down by type of crime and gender, age, and race.  Follow the link for for data on the number of juvenile crimes in each county.
  • Michigan Arrest Rate Data: Arrest rates are an important way of assessing juvenile crime.  These data are broken down by type of crime, gender, age, and race. Click here for data on the juvenile crime rates reported in all 83 Michigan counties.
  • Counties of Greatest Need:  The MCJJ Delinquency Prevention Subcommittee’s goal is to provide funding to the communities in the greatest need of juvenile delinquency prevention resources.  The Subcommittee identified six key risk factors that increase the likelihood that children and youth end up in the juvenile justice system.  Follow this link for data on the risk factors in Michigan counties.
  • Disproportionate Minority Contact:  Minority youth are more likely to enter the juvenile justice system than the youth population as a whole, and they are over-represented at nearly every point of contact within the system.  This link provides county data on juvenile arrests and other contact points by racial background and the disposition of cases.  The data are broken down by type of crime and gender, age and race.  Follow this link for data on Disproportionate Minority Contact.



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