Based on our previous experiences and successes, the 7th Judicial Circuit Court intends to continue our work to address racial and ethnic disparities by implementing an Alternative Detention Program (ADP) and an Enhanced Diversion Program (EDP) to reduce the number of youth who are placed in secure detention and increase youth who are diverted from formal court processing. The ADP will target youth, ages 10-17 who have been arrested after-hours, determined to be low-moderate risk on the YLS risk assessment, and the court has made a determination that it is contrary to the welfare for the youth to remain in the home, but secure detention is not warranted to protect public safety and secure appearance in Court. If determined to be eligible, youth will be referred to REACH for emergency housing. Youth may be put on a tether while in the alternate detention program if deemed necessary.


The EDP will serve youth who are ages 10-17 with misdemeanor or felony arrests, status offenses or high-needs truant youth. Youth may have previous offenses, without any offenses considered to be violent or assaultive crimes as defined by the Juvenile Diversion Act. Eligible youth will be referred to one of our new diversion programs to be provided in collaboration with the Community Resolution Center (CRC) or REACH. The CRC can provide restorative justice mediation, victim-offender mediation, or parent-child mediation services. REACH will provide case management services as part of the diversion efforts.

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